Magic Man

Magic Man came to me from a mixtape put together by the fantastically talented Matt Keightley from IntoTheNorthSea. The timing was such that I stuck the album on my phone for future listening alongside a few gb of comfort zone track. Maybe a month later it has percolated through my bright green headphones and it’s on repeat.

Since we last spoke I have left Exeter and settled into a new routine of commutes, office space and commutes. Of course that’s only its most basic skeleton. In reality it’s a commute, office, music in all it’s shapes and sizes, fascinating people doing extraordinary stuff for their living and then a reluctant commute back. I am really lucky in that music is the basis of my working day and through that I get to spend the hours with people who know infinitely more than I do about all things musical. So alongside the intricacies of paperwork and   tricks of a new job the is relentless floods of new music, all very exciting.

But on my 20 minute trek back from the big smoke I still come back to the essential arsenal of music that I have on me at all times: Magic Man, Mystery Jets, Eastern Conference Champions, This mixtape and a few other gems. I’m sure I’ve referred to my comfort zone of music countless times before each time referring to different music. Music does change with its people and people also change with their music. It’s a cool relationship and one which is going to be very key for me over the next few months.

download the album here


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