Man Made Beauty Beautiful

These naked eyes, dripping melting upwards into the ceiling is all the tension I’ve been breathing in for the past however-many-days, the business I’ve conduct in my daily circuit. What passes on from one hand to another is another person’s hand so rarely, more often than not it’s just things. So here’s something vaguer, vacant eye-contact, clouded view, mild glow from the outside but nothing more, this is perfect. This song is perfect, it fits a dream in a tent doing breathing exercises with not much going through my head other than unspoilt emotions. This is music, a remix, that could steal my self-conscious in a matter of off-centre beats, flailing pitch bending and bumping-the-floor bass, and the voice of a girl I can’t see but can only picture in this moment in time letting off some steam ,while all the drums click, drop, clap and smash around her, golden hair flying off the surface of the synthesiser that whirls all over the place. Its beauty made beautiful by all the mess at the edges.

And the remix is courtesy of Moon Bounce – check his SoundCloud and share love.

The amazing photo at the top is by visual artist, John Divola.

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