Marching Out

The Caulfield Beats  – Heading South

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Why is everyone being so friendly? Spring’s blooming us. No more time to wait by frozen lakes wondering why everything has stopped moving, flowing. And now it’s flowing again, or at least starting to. I picture people who previously stood motionless suddenly jolting and shivering with thawing limbs, reaching out to touch eachother, bemused, cheery. Pulsating regularly through the bouncing sunlight, smoking, letting it all turn green. Plans to go pretty much everywhere in the world with some unconstructed purpose, resounding in warmth and consistency of our surroundings. Purpose pumps out of these songs. Good purpose, undeniable. That moment when you stand up and something unconscious lets you unravel into sweet dance moves and temporary loss of reliable vision, it’s the same as that inexplicable motion that starts you running dizzy down a sweet sunlit hill, happy.



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