Minimix #4

I sent my first sternly worded e-mail ever last night and I’ve got an exam in a few hours. This is my revision break… which has been going on for about an hour now. So as you peruse todays minimix I want you to feel lucky that there is any music here at all. Todays mix goes from a track that turned up in or inbox an hour ago to underrated album tracks from what seems forever ago.

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Yes You – Half Of It

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The Tallest Man On Earth – Graceland (Paul Simon Cover)

[audio:|titles=Tallest Man on Earth - Graceland (Paul Simon Cover)|bg=0xFFFFFF|leftbg=0xFFB00F|lefticon=0×FFFFFF|rightbg=0xFFFFFF|righticon=0×000000|rightbghover=0xD4D4D4|righticonhover=0xFFFFFF|text=0×000000|slider=0×FFFF00|border=0×000000]

Willy Mason – Nobody Told Me (John Lennon Cover)

[audio:|titles=12 Nobody Told Me|bg=0xFFFFFF|leftbg=0xFFB00F|lefticon=0×FFFFFF|rightbg=0xFFFFFF|righticon=0×000000|rightbghover=0xD4D4D4|righticonhover=0xFFFFFF|text=0×000000|slider=0×FFFF00|border=0×000000]

The Hold Steady – Both Crosse

[audio:|titles=07 Both Crosses|bg=0xFFFFFF|leftbg=0xFFB00F|lefticon=0×FFFFFF|rightbg=0xFFFFFF|righticon=0×000000|rightbghover=0xD4D4D4|righticonhover=0xFFFFFF|text=0×000000|slider=0×FFFF00|border=0×000000]

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