Molluscs to be honest

Ole Torjus – På Badet

If you’re a scandinavian musician and reading this, please send us your music, you are currently inhabiting a place that is the object of the thinking of the weary side of my brain that settles itself in unreal places, taking real form so as to convince myself that its actual unreal environment really is a possibility… …uh I want to swallow it up.

Waffle and coughing aside, I wanted to set aside some sincere praise for Ole Torjus. His music is currently rubbing me up the right way. Good electronica microbeats with some awesome little repeats and pretty neat tipsy tremolos on this track, på badet.

Then there’s also this collaboration made between Ole and  Soren Andreasen, they released an album together, Split, that’s how I’m listening to them, I downloaded it. Real grounded literally singing accompanied purely by an electronic scape. Amazing relationship between oscillation of sound and Soren’s own sometimes wavering careless honest voice with equally down-to-earth lyrics that work the ears. And of course there’s that scandinavian english accent. Really good songs, take a listen to Lotst. I just really want to go to Scandinavia generally, just all of it in a moment, maybe two moments of bliss where my mind is most certainly… at bay. Uh irrationality I want to swallow you up. Although it’s not really that imaginary seeing as I’m going to Norway this summer and that should be really fun.

Ole Torjus & Søren Andreasen – Lotst

They’re Norwegian and Ole owns Unn Records keep in their touch.
I feel like a mollusc currently because I have loads of work


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