Monument Valley

The second most played track in my iTunes is the Flowerpot Session that Monument Valley did with Scattered Hearts [Edit: It’s actually tied for second with Phoenix’ Rome].

And so it was with christmassy glee that I opened up the latest offering from Ned Younger, his latest single: Your Cover Blown. A tip for any PR agency is to send us stuff in the post, makes us feel like a champ and there’s no way we wont write about it. Your Cover Blown has a very mellow moody start with chiming pianos and dimly glowing guitars all providing the night time background for Ned’s street light voice. The solo voice takes centre stage throughout but the atmosphere presses in hard sometimes, pushing itself in and occasionally setting foot in the rainy foreground.

Part of having the vocals so in control on Your Cover Blown is that it becomes fantastically lyrical; teeth, fingernails, green stains on your wrist, all woven in by Ned as image after image comes and goes. And when the title lyrics synchronise with the musical shift from background to foreground it’s hard to resist the repeat button.


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