Morning Rains

There’s something addictive about quiet sullen mornings succeeding hectic evenings. Mornings of slight activity, fresh cold damp air. Being outside in the morning after an evening inside. There’s something addictive about that.  Open white space, opportunity to walk around, distances, the frantic mind-drunk claustrophobia of the evening before like a howling wind remembered, a previous world of hasty energy and emotion. The morning lets us recollect our thoughts, reality, composure. The coaxing folk music of Little Children gets this, steady tempo, calm sad sweeping singing, soft and peaceful like still water-feelings. So sweet, I feel like these songs are effortlessly appealing, effortlessly to my stale after-evening taste, my cold morning taste. No Direction and The Wake Up are tracks on LC’s january-released EP, In Hau. The third song featured here, Distant Shouts, was released yesterday on Brooklyn label Declared Goods.


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