Mummy Short Arms

Mummy Short Arms – Cigarette Smuggling

There is almost nothing more exciting than coming across a debut single from a new band which you really really love. Whenever I find a band who have already put out a  couple of albums the excitement gets a bit diluted as you crawl through all their releases trying to catch up on the good music you have missed.

With a band like Mummy Short Arms who have just released their debut single, Cigarrete Smuggling, the excitement gets concentrated with each repeated play of what is now my new favourite song. It’s hard not to get really impatient to listen to a full length album once you start to really get to know the few songs you have.

There is a crazy good balance between the almost dead pan music and the reckless and wild vocals. Like a really amped up Dylan singing over the tightest and coolest backing band around.  Reminiscent of some of my favourite classic artists but also refreshing and pumped full of genuine talent, imagination and real energy

There genuinely is nothing more a debut single could do better, if you have a spare couple of quid it is completely worth grabbing a copy of the CD



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