Overlooked Landscape in 2004


My overlooked album of 2004: Achilles Heel by Pedro The Lion.
“Pedro the Lion was an indie rock band from Seattle, Washington, comprising David Bazan and TW Walsh.” 

Overlooked. Overlooked like landscape, looked over, photoed. What the photo didn’t capture. The artists we loved were but a fragment of the creative world they inhabited; the camera captured a fragment of the landscape it faced. In this world of blog, of listen, of share, of post, the human ear pioneers its object, its song, yet it inevitably neglects something. It didn’t click that, but it clicked this. And ‘that’ is what’s inevitably neglected. Oh this doleful fact. Oh this bizarre environment of the ‘music world’.

However, a source of good fun is discovering music,  that I like, released in years before I was 15. The novelty of it is partly envisioning what I was like at the time it was released and what I would have done had I heard the music then.

Mostly, however, it is because I like the music. All the elements that compile the music are good. I like them.

Here’s a few songs, listen to more here: https://soundcloud.com/bazan

On May 23rd, 2004, Pitchfork gave it 4.7


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