Napoleon in Rags


Do you ever get that thing where you are trying desperately to remember a song but all you have to go on is a vague whisper of a guitar chord in your head?

I got it yesterday so badly listening to Wise Blood. Their track called These Wings reminded me of another song and I almost went completely crazy trying to figure out what song it was. Turned out to be Foster The People, I don’t think I have enjoyed listening to a song quite as much as when I made that particular breakthrough.

The same feeling cropped up again when this band came through our e-mail about 20 minutes ago. Napoleon In Rags. Luckily I was saved an epic “holy-shit-where-do-i-know-that-band-from” head scratching session by the record I bought from a charity shop last week which is staring me in the face i.e. After The Flood by Bob Dylan and The Band. Instant plus. Turns out the music is pretty good too.  As you can probably tell from the Soundcloud Empty Promises is a bit relentless and could do with a break down at some point, or even being 1 min shorter maybe…  But never fear.

The remixes are spot hittingly good. I am one of those people who usually chooses not to post the remix, but have a listen to it all and make your own mind up, if you’re not sure then listen to the remixes again. And again. If you happen to like the original check out a band called The Casitas who might be up your street.


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