Night Flowers – North

People who signal for a bus even though it’s already indicating. People who will move seat on a bus so they don’t have to sit next to anyone. People who swear loudly at other motorists and then act out the hypothetical ensuing argument in their heads for 10 minutes. People who win arguments purely because they are confrontational. People who can’t take criticism. People who are paid to criticise. People who don’t know what they are going to do with their lives. People who have been doing what they are going to do with their lives since the age of 22 with their boyfriend and work mates. People who stress. People who are stress-inducingly calm. People who are famous or successful but have understated Twitter bios. People who will always be their parents children. People who uproot every 6-12 months. People who have a favourite band. People who blog. People who can tell you when the best day of their life was. People who will always be up to date with the latest technology and look ridiculous using it. People who run. People who end up in exactly the same place whichever way they go about it. People who must never sleep.

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