No Ceremony

Wading through the traffic of people and sidestepping the taxi cabs, not thinking about anything apart from not being late and how in 40 minutes things will have changed. Changed for good. Hours have been spent over the last few days researching, choosing outfits, double checking train times now feels as distant a past as the years spent doing things you loved and wanted to find an audience for. The glorified past and the frenziedly over-thought future makes the present unbearable. 17 minutes to kill when you have nothing left to do is far worse than 30 seconds with too much to do.

Lift to the now familiar floor. Check your pockets. Phone battery has been worn out by relentless attention. Open your wallet and look at your own face gazing blankly out from behind a layer of clear plastic next to your address and date of birth. Some things will never change. Doors are open, 30 seconds to go and too much to do.




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