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Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Atlas Hands (Mike Skinner Remix)

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Atlas Hands


I’m not sure I have ever heard a Mike Skinner remix before but having recently found myself on a long car journey with nothing but my girlfriends home made compilation of The Streets (as well as the soundtrack to The Body Guard) I have discovered a secret shine for the man’s work. He does not disappoint here, whipping up a track which gets incredibly busy and stuffed full of vocals and 99p synths and a drum beat that sounds like it is having the shit kicked out of it by a Duracell bunny.


Also the original is worth your look. Try and overcome the double take as you listen to the opening guitar. It does sound almost exactly like the opening bar of the most famous song Death Cab For Cutie ever wrote. Not a bad thing and the song takes its own reigns once Benjamin’s voice comes in. This song almost immediately made me think of a mix tape which came with a Q Magazine I bought a few years ago called Mellow Gold (see above). It was an incredible mix with I Am Kloot, Clayhill, Death Cab, Elliot Smith and Wilco on it and was probably one of my most listened to compilations. NME for the hype, Q for the music.


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