North Sea Sounds

Introducing a guest post by Mathew (above), who plays and steers humongously endearing sounds with IntotheNorthSea – that’s a free download link, yeah!. Matt talks us through a stunning 8tracks mix that he has crafted; featuring all the songs that he has recently been influenced by.

NorthSeaSounds #1 from mathew.keightley on 8tracks.

I think I speak for many music listeners/creators when I say once every so often I find myself in a cul-de-sac of music.
That is; music I’ve been listening to for too long and have explored every crevice of the sound, that my ears become bored and long for change.

After exploring the vast realms of Bandcamp tags and clicking on releases that had interesting album art, hoping the music would be interest me similarly, I found half a dozen artists that have genuinely veered me off in another musical direction and ultimately broadened my mentality about music, which is the big picture here I believe.

Writing about the artists/songs individually would be pretty tedious so I will just focus on a few special ones.

Magic Man,
Boston seems to be pumping out some good electronic pop music recently and Lo-fi gem Magic Man have it so, so right! They capture a certain raw, live feel in the album that is lacking a lot in some electronic music and the vocalist has to be up there with the best in new music. Word has it the duo ventured off to a vineyard in rural france in a gap year before going to college where they worked on a farm and recorded the album… couldn’t imagine a much better music making scenario than that.
(This album is available for free also!

Starfucker/Sexton Blake, Josh Hodges,
Josh Hodges the musical master I have listened to for hours and hours. He is the brains behind the Starfucker/Skeletron combination and his own solo material under the name of Sexton Blake. At the time I discovered Starfucker I was total rut with music, listening to mindless rock/metal band. The idea that music could just be this fun thing that didn’t really mean anything and was just made for people to have a good time to and dance was completely unknown to me, modern music often has a lot of baggage such as a certain look or band image and the music just becomes this big ego ball of mess. So the simplistic beats and chords that are so infectious firmly gripped my musical brain.

Mmm music,


Amongst the mix is Niva:

so summer.

More artists’ 8tracks to come!

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