Norwegian Corners; Autoband, Tromsø

Autoband – Sunbeam

 image courtesy of Šwankmajer

The female vocal on this track could do justice to most majestic things/This female vocal is pretty like no other. Cloudy nights and Misty Mornings, I am not afraid, her words seem like the sound of clouds and mornings, they sound like courage. The metaphors that swoon over harmoniously; they sound like their meaning, they sound like dots of hope scattered over the sky, the shining star. I’m on the floor for Autoband and this song, please don’t go far, away, from my ears, stay with me and grace my demotivation about all things human-based. Autoband is a guy called Gudmund Østgard, hailing from Tromsø, one of the most northern settlements in Europe.

The song makes me feel steady, to a walking pace, I feel, I imagine myself walking forward, reminded of my feet as small stones accumulate like seeds in between toes, I edge forward, I can hear excitement behind me, blurred calling through a wall of air. At the edge of all water, cold, calm and clear, toes gather to one another as all clutter is washed away. And there I am reminded of my heart. The calling behind me quietens to nothing, to blurred wind and air, to the still surface of resting water, everywhere becomes quiet and expansive like a cathedral, I have nothing to hold or lean against, I am in the middle. The quiet is kept  by movement behind me, stepped in small stones, a solemn noise of feet on stoned sand. I am aware of her presence, unseen, yet alive, also at the cold lake cathedral floor, also in the air, our expanse that, together, felt like home.

Autoband – Rails

Rails is a nice name for a tourist like me. The appeal of this track, in comparison to Sunbeam, is quite different. Rails is a monotonous thing that pronounces satisfaction through great electronic interventions. They accompany a forward-thinking rhythm, they sound natural and well slotted.  This project clearly has a creative but also a clever mind; both tracks have individual value.

But Sunbeam is special, take time to think about it – go check out his helper; Beatservice, a Tromsø-based label focusing on electronica music.

He’s releasing an album in the coming weeks!

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