Norwegian Corners; Snasen, Oslo

Snesen – Other Peoples Kids

Photo taken by Alex Trimble

Your map has been hastily stolen by waves bouncing off the sea-wall, colliding against each other. Some waves aim to land, to absorb into the sand of stones, the company of a million tiny travellers. Others hit the wall like fingers clenched away from comfort, they hit back, they confuse the direction. In this way, the north is obscured by the pull of wet winter winds. The trees on the cliff, once solemn-looking, are now deliriously confused for the sight of lifeless bodies running in the night. The water, once a resource, is now all over my eyes.

Our necks out in Norway once more, for the future,

we have here Snasen, lovely tune. The opening paragraph was to reflect some of the energy that makes this song a stand-out mover, to be interpreted differently; the clacking heart beating percussion + drawn out head-spinning synthetic lead.



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