Norwegian Corners; Torkelsen, Fredrikstad

Torkelsen – Lavkarbovar


This picture was taken by 19 year old Nikoline, a seemingly staggering individual and a remarkable photographer with a convincingly well-informed perspective on her surroundings.

This song, from my eyes, starts in the surreal. It starts with murky car-stained streets of Circling City. It starts with the smell, the smell of a colossal herd of humans with their heads on their hands, looking at the clock. This momentary image flickers like a light on low life, stuttering under storms outside. 17 seconds into the song, this image is plunged into cloud covered water of the freshest kind. Blood rushes around, the herd of humans, far away, nowhere near, your own human heart rejoicing in the big open theatre of expanse, alive and well. Torkelsen, of Fredrikstad, will have you onto the floor of your mind, firmly rooted on the ground, you’ll be able to think clearer as you remember ecstasy.

This is the third post focusing on good cool music from Norway. Check out previous posts:

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There’s no particular reason for all this Norwegian fuss… it’s just my imagination of the northern air is very much fitting into the gaps within my mind that are hacked open each day through the monotony of time and work and seriousness. for every imaginary place of escape, comes an imaginary journey to get there; i don’t know where the fuck we’re going but this song, Lavkarbovar by Torkelsen, will definitely be playing while we get there.

Amazingly, you can download it over at XLR8R.

He’s got some other gems as well; here.

There’s a really nice indie-signed girl band from Norway called Norma SassI want to write about them in the future. Torkelsen made flattering work of their Robbery. Listen!

Norma Sass – Robbery (Torkelsen Remix)

, George

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