Was sitting on a bus when… suddenly Jason became 46 billion light years tall, about the same distance as it is from Earth to the edge of the observable Universe,  Jason got confused, we were engulfed as units of Jason’s material, instantly spaced out, flying around in chaos, 10 billion human bodies collected as 1, our attraction and repulsion to each-other made the whole thing work, kept Jason alive, we were confused, but attraction to another enabled us to have conversations together, to acknowledge and understand what one day happened in a lecture theatre, at least momentarily. Jason doesn’t know what to do. Jason doesn’t do anything, just looks around, feeling slightly sheepish; he listens to this song, Nulldup by Bepotel, and feels better.

For this [electronic] song draws it good, on-the-ground, exciting foregrounds confused with backgrounds. The artist, a band of electronic musicians from Brussels, exude a feeling of genuinely busy experimental diverging minds, marvelling and bewildered, and capable of producing emotional [House] music that is inescapably engaging. This song features on their late-2011 release – Bepotel Exists – Hidden Tracks (buy), but more recently on a compilation (buy) courtesy of Meakusma Records.

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