Scrubbing The decks

Soap & Skin – Boat Turns Toward The Port

This blog has always been a thing of leisure. Something I can get stuck into when other things are quiet. This Christmas, however, has been a bit of an exception. I’m gearing up for a disgustingly busy few months (graduation, organising trips for hundreds of students, 6 GIGS TO PROMOTE/CURATE!, class president elections, my birthday(!) etc etc.) and as such I have been making sure that things like the blog are in full working order before I die of exhaustion.

There are a various changes going on which I want to share with the world.

Firstly we are toying around with a redesign which hopefully you might enjoy.

Secondly is that we will now be featuring a lot of excellent photography and design work of Cecilia Mazjoub. Her photo features on the new banner and we are putting all sorts of plans together for the year as we speak! Check her out on etsy (discount code: CORNERSTONE)

Thirdly we have finally got a Soundcloud account working so feel free to submit music through the dropbox if that’s your thing.

Fourthly, as mentioned yesterday, is the news that we shall be curating and DJing live night for the next 6 months! Find out more here.

And lastly, you can now comment on individual blog posts as long as you are logged into Facebook.


There’s plenty more to talk about but right now just enjoy the music, because hopefully that’s why you’re here.





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