Ernest by Nicholas Stevenson

Narrative is all about the beginning, middle and end, right? Right. I have my acoustic moments, fads, every now and then ever since my father told me about “this new Bob Dylan fellow… Connor Oberst”. I had kind of missed out on the whole “indie” thing till then. But that Bright Eyes summer was bliss. It pushed my musical adventure in so many different ways. And now that adventure has paused for a while with Nicholas Stevenson. Especially his EP “The Aeroplane Darling”.

Ernest from the beginning was destined to die, but we are still captivated by his story. That’s the beauty of the narrative, the repetition, the progression, the resolution. We are held by the building tension to hear Ernest’s fate. Stevenson’s transatlantic inflections always remind me of the first time I heard Bright Eyes or Neutral Milk Hotel, and for those four brief minutes the nostalgia that only an acoustic guitar can bring seeps in.


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