Old Dog New Hits #2

Here’s the second day of Old Dog New Hits, this post features David Bazan (old dog) and Wehtam Yelthgiek (new hit).


Old Dog

Headphones – I Never Wanted You

David Bazan is an old dog, with both Headphones and Pedro The Lion to his repertoire of multiple musical projects, 37 years old; in my world he is a dark shabby looking horse trotting an original-looking trot all over fields of life, writing guitar songs about everything, really good songs, down-to-the-ground lyrics, superb and memorable lyrics. Bazan, old dog guy with a big habitable heart for all humans; simple genred-music made extraordinary by his individual capability to express his deepest most profoundly ordinary heart. Inescapably treasurable music for those who are willing to take time to treasure. The latter song, I Never Wanted You, is worth a shot of all your fragile listening skills: not so much listening into the lyrics but letting the lyrics wash over your senses, accompanied with droning sweetly-harmonious keys, the message he gets out is so emotion-filled yet the way he ‘gets out’ is so simple, so unaffected, so dry; the song indicates all that makes Bazan the model of a song-writing genius; just some human guy with a clear head for expression and some musical instruments.


New Hits

Wehtam Yelthgiek – Feelings

Released completely off the beaten track only a few months ago, this song plants pictures in my head of people trying to say stuff really complicated, people forming huge lofty sentences in their heads, thinking about words, the best words to use to explain how they’re feeling, getting really annoyed flustered and confused about how to say it right, and then getting somehow relieved of all the confusion and being overcome with a desire to not think, to move around and do stuff. Eventually dancing people. Intrisically crafted song of samples and software; Yelthgiek slowly hypnotises your needs for something you’re never gonna pin-point, washes away that annoying niggling. This praise is auto-biographical, weirdly circular, just spent so long trying to get through that niggling in my head that I’m not doing justice to the song, words are not working, I listen to the song, heart takes over, Bazan-trodden heart just loves, gets all dancey and stupid. Download


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