Open Eyelids

Freedom or Death – This Crowded Room

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When this blog was just a recurrent daydream I had in a different country 2 years ago I was torn between calling it A Pocket Full Of Seeds and Eyelids. Eyelids have always caught my imagination, a seemingly understat

ed yet intricate and delicate body part which will always be overshadowed (no pun intended) by their ballsy older brothers.

Further slightly over zealous imagery comes to mind on first listening to Freedom or Death‘s Crowded Room as the compelling vocal opens, “Soon your eyes will swallow you“. The vocal for me acts as reassurances that this song knows what it is doing and can deliver on the quite beautiful intro which pulses at a rate which, if it were blinking eyelids, would be fitting for holding back tears or stemming a sudden flow of sunshine.

Freedom or Death will drop a full 7 track release on the 26th called EGO and I can tell you it is fantastic.

The gorilla isn’t really related to the song but I have been wanting to use that picture for ages and I’m bored of serious and very amateur web design.


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