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Polls -Executive Toys

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It’s usually quite possible to describe music as moving in some manner or other. A soothing synthy number like this might glide along while someone such as The Tallest Man on Earth uses more of a wandering skip to get from A to B.

Executive Toys by Polls is a swimmer. Natural and human but still out of the ordinary. Their latest self titled EP is an impressive volley of this balance between precise, well-measured melodies and the less-than-hi-fi guitars and vocals. I feel like this is the music that the instruments have been wanting to play since the day they were built. The tone of Executive Toys drifts between angular, off-centre guitars and the more flooding resolved parts which have cooing vocals hovering above.

I’m not sure if it’s just because I’ve got the idea of swimming in my head and I have seen a couple of surfing videos today but Polls make me picture a load of bonkers waves carving up a beach as Apache helicopters perform synchronised routines in the sunshine.

Or something equally odd next to the sea

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