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I cant be bothered to sleep. I am too tired to force myself to lie still and too tired to escort the thoughts from my mind. I know that if I go to sleep that in the blink of eye an alarm will be yelling at the side of my head and I will be too sleepy to do anything at all let alone go to work. I like the idea that humans have sleep cycles but I’m pretty sure the cycle is about 25hrs long so that the hour you want to go to bed and the hour you want to wake up move back an hour each day until they come back to where they started. Occasionally the day/night cycle would synch up with your sleeping but then they would depart from each other after the day is done. A bit like the way the ticking of your car indicators seem to match up with those of the car in front but then get all tangled up before finding each other again.

Things, feels like a liberated sleep cycle that runs as it wants to and is neither tied back by the sensible use of alarms or the pre-emptive nap nor it is over-revved by caffeine. It runs more barefooted than that.

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  1. Christina
    Christina August 5, 2010 at 11:41 am . Reply

    If I had read this somewhere else I would have still guessed it was you!

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