Pega Monstro Right Now And Aspiring To Describe

The first of the last two songs on their newest album sound like the soundscape of your headspace when you transfix upon a band whose members are so engrossed in their instruments that they actually accumulate you, they play you hard like they strum and hit drums hard and fast, unlike you would imagine if you tried, you just watch, stop abstracting, their sound hits you in that gullet you washed up in and around before you stayed still – the sister’s vocals are the sisters vocalising a kind of visceral fist, unclenching in the other hand, the guitar chords are acquainted with, that’s all you need, that’s all you’ll ever know, the sisters’ vocals are awry alive and really filling your throat with something feeling as our mouths opened a little, gazing while they gaze the other way, engrossed all over again; the first of the last two songs on their newest album is the heaving sanctuary of sounding a daze of a sole thing taken care of gently rocking, securely softening and transfixed, I get the language at last.
If the first song of the last two songs on this album sculpt the sense of how we felt so coaxed and dazed in opposition to this band’s perpetual dance-hard rock sound, then let the second song be some kind of online transcription of what the latter actually sounded like – of what the actual fuck, some aural stimulation by way of protruding ideas to just lose it all, stop pretending, stop reading into the fact that the gig was great and it did great things and need more be said?

Said like a true inconsequence, nothing ends well except this album right now and right now again, everything ends well like this album right now and right now again –

go head see Pega Monstro for y’selves, get blown away and write your memory around it like right now again –

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