Peter & Kerry

Peter and Kerry – The Summerhouse Song [download]

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Yeah yeah boy girl vocals/understated melodies/ balance between energy and grace, you’ve maybe heard my love for certain music before on this blog but I’ve never been happier to reaffirm my faith in it. Just as much a sigh of relief as it is a breath of fresh air. For the last few weeks I’ve been wandering through a maze of electro downbeat melodies and the like, but all the time wondering when the innovation in the instrument wielders of today was coming through. When we get a new submission from an actual band I find myself hoping for the next Beatles as I jump to a Bandcamp or Soundcloud link. You don’t get that so much with the producers. Their world is one where innovation is the first step to prominence and the alternative is  satisfaction that will rarely go beyond your own individual space.

Peter and Kerry are working their way into several people’s individual spaces and when you can write and record songs in the middle of the night like Summerhouse, which sneaks and skips around like a couple of children who are up WAY past bed time looking for Ribena and crisps, then there’s no end of excitement.


Go have look about them here. There’s an EP coming soon, it will be incredible.


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