Phillipe Nash

Phillipe Nash – Singing Saints Darling

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Being stuck, sat at home for long periods of time makes me very contemplative. What will I make of my life? Where will I be in a year’s time? Will I ever get to make the music I hear in my head? Phillippe Nash seems to be someone who might sympathise. He lets his rhetorical questions bounce around getting lost in the reverb in a manner similar to Bon Iver and Jose Gonzales, and it captures and stirs the inside of your spine. It allows me a break from my obsessive following of online networking and medias to just sit and be – something which I don’t do a lot anymore. I find music like this very important, because reflection is a very important part of moving forward in life. Probably.
Anyhow he’s a friend of a friend at art school in Brighton and he deserves a lot more recognition than the 10 or so followers on his soundcloud. If I tweeted, I’d tweet him.



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