Pinch, punch

Today is moving day. Bags and Boxes clustered full of forgotten childhood tat and university memories ready to be remembered again litter the stairs. I’m still sifting through the overflow, but too excited about the next few days to really give them too much thought. Today is a day for jubilant music. Music that is unashamedly and overwhelmingly optimistic. What this means changes from move to move. I’ve moved so many times in the last year that I should have made a playlist by now, but each move is different. This one is good.

Unconsciously I’ve chosen one old and one new album to pack to. The first is If I’d Had An Atlas by Cats & Cats & Cats, remember them from the weird fake interview? Well their pastoral lo-fi (yet also orchestral) songs fit just fine with today’s mood. Loud, yelping and optimistic. Allegorical tales of wolves, birds and metaphorical (I think?!) woodland creatures filter through the rhythmic changes, stabbing chords and instrumental licks. It also features the first track I’d ever heard written in Japanese but also the best. The lead singer’s moved to Yapan now, so I guess it’s appropriate, but it was a bit of a shock at the time.


The second record I’ve been bumping is Human Pyramids’ Planet Shhh!, most especially the opener Tall Tales. Again, we’re leaning towards the orchestral as Human Pyramids is a project formed by Paul Russell (who Facebook informs me is a multi-instrumentalist raised in an old mining village in the central belt of Scotland and now based in London). Featuring a whole host of musicians, including the brilliant Axes, it is self-indulgent, euphoric music rising like Hoppipolla into a climax of strings and brass which wash over the initial guitar loop. It brings back languid, sun-burst memories or old rooms, old photos, old friends and then shatters them together in the fierce urgency of now. Time to pack.

Pinch, punch first of the month.


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