Plaitum – She Speaks Spanish

Plaitum – Temptress

Plaitum – Geisha (IntotheNorthSea remix)

This boy and this girl, Plaitum, they could turn up loud, turn up wanted, fashionably late in the middle of some room of decaying faces immersed in yellow light. Decay like growth, time-telling tales of all that makes one queazy with future thoughts, what the fuck is the future thinking that makes us roll and roll and roll like polished wheels for the exhibition of nobodies. This boy and this girl play into my momentary madness, they excite me hugely. They get better with each song as well, a sort of progressive process towards I don’t know what but it’s conceptually huge. The sprite of excitable  listeners bouncing under their belt are wondering why these  star correlations aren’t more famous, correlations uncoiling in the  spider-web. This is good rhythm.
Good rhythm I tell you!

Go and follow their exponential rise before it happens.

Thanks, George

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