Poems and stuff for ‘A Heart Upon EP’ by Mountain Range

Mountain Range is electronic musician Stuart Thomas from Leeds. His craft on A Heart Upon EP reflect a sombre sometimes energetic soul. Emphasis on and attention to particularly endearing details of  his mountain range are so convincing that, upon listening, I am engaged in many ways. The price of such engagement is an inability on the blogger’s part to be coherent for longer than a few lines of introduction and so, I relay my form of expression to figurative language and wordplay. I poetically reflect upon my own spiral of personal thought on hearing the four songs that make up this spectacular (and for free downloadable) release:

Hollow noise, hollow knots
a riddle of choices,
tangled like currents
at a seaside wall.
Rebounding positions;
a quickening process of thought,
a thought,
‘spite its individual quiet,
a loud reverberation for all other tangle
for all other whir,
for all other quickened pace
of life’s lasting, changing face.

Mountain Range – With Skates

Contours, lines around me.
A course, a line through me,
Gorse lines the edges of the north of me,
the thoughts of me,
So fraught,
Tumble around and around like seeds in the air
Like seeds looking for a line
through air,
air’s noise
The animal’s head
Circled in contours, a course, gorse.

Mountain Range – Evelyn(e)

A bear has heart,
takes heart
shakes up –
His part with
Two arms, one start.
Two arms, one start.
This bear has heart,
Somewhere sleeping.
In the background, the river pumps
to a dirtied head,
Heart taken,
Kept elsewhere.

Mountain Range – Bear

Somehow glistened eyes
through a mass of carbon,
Somehow carried voice
through a mass of carbon
Somehow felt love
through a mass of body, of parts,
Yet somehow even sung sleep
softly through the body,
The cloudy room
The hydrocarbonated atmosphere
of legs and drinks and arms,
I somehow saw light, glistening eyes

Mountain Range – And I Will Dance In Your Rays


Download the EP for free off Bandcamp




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