Profile Picture Blues

{kudos Louis for output}

I have pains in my head, nothing in my head. It’s not a nice process trying to fill up your empty mind with harmonious yet terribly monotonous decibels. That is, unless, every element of the decibel is entirely fitting. Don’t fuck with me, don’t fuck with me – that. THAT+ the pendulum tictac bass/flack PLUS the fuzzy-tingling mixture of digital melody that sort of swallows up the whole creation together till it’s tip-toeing elegantly through your ear-sensory things like a bloody systematic purposeful piece of genius. That’s when you suddenly feel full-up to the brim with a blood that you didn’t realise you had before. It’s all credit to Jai Paul who’s identity rests in London. Up till hearing this song, I was half-buried in myself and other unable-to-be-seen beings and feeling like I was part of some ghostly metal desert with nothing to look at. Now, I feel like I’m real, in a real world with real things to look at. I feel alive yet also quite drunk, it’s a positive mixture for an otherwise nothing evening of laptop screens and usernames and profile pictures. *INHALE!*… Louder!

Jai Paul – BTSTU

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