Radiator Hospital

The jumbled collection of songs that make up this 2011 album, Nothin’ In My Eyes by Radiator Hospital, sounds so make-shift recorded, put together hastily, little attention to detail, levels between instruments roughly levered. Listening to the album tinkers such a pleasing tinge of sporadic emotion, the feeling of spontaneous music ensuing; you feel like they’ve convened within your ears accidentally, shifty lively band, startled yet happy to perform at such short notice. The lyrics, profound and primitive-sounding on every track, etched so naturally into all the indents of all the strings and sometimes drums played by a friend in the band. And yet the sound-definition of the recordings is always so tantalising hard to clarify, I find this makes all the band-energy more approachable and great and nice:  the musical genius of it all supersedes attention to detail. Ah good, I feel the live performance of this ‘bedroom pop/indie’ Philadelphian group is only too engaging for my imagination: a singer’s  eyes stopping and starting wildly around the microphone, hands strumming desperately, percussion catching up everything, anticipating everything, every band member glancing at each-other a lot, jolting around the edge and the back of the stage.

In retrospect already, I feel i’ve written too many words about the music, I’ve over-complicated simplicity; this band = simple positive emotion. Download the album for 60p (1$) or more from Bandcamp, below are a few favourites.

They have since released a new EP, I haven’t listened to it yet!


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