Raise your hands and your voices

Back in the days of being in a band we got our first gig at some battle of the bands thing in front of about 500 people, pretty good for a first gig. Not that we had a clue. We were only 14 years old and had only been to about 2 gigs before. Anyway they had an MC for the night who was the woman who ran the place and she did nothing apart from introduce each band by saying “RAISE YOUR HANDS AND YOUR VOICES!”.

I have since let the band days pass by and now look forward to settling down to enjoy my post teen life. But listening to League’s EP, Golden Maps,  those words came back to me. This feels like the kind of music that should be played to huge adoring crowds. It’s got energy and activity that should be enjoyed either squashed up against a barrier with a steward right in front of you or heard from the other side of the camp site as a distant echo which acts as a rallying call through the steady rain.

League – Golden Maps

League – Hyperflowers

Listen to the rest of it on their Soundcloud


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