Rallying peacefuls for Spicules

The air that my evening’s breathing crunches into before it blinks and looks for a moment upwards

Into the the window skies

This Je t’embrasse reminds me of a room in which I have not been yet, in which the walls are light in which my feet process their left, right, left again again, right once more, reminding me through the vast thin window … a city of trees … a distant wash conducted like hands between hands between hands between people between moments in which I dance within an unexplored quite unexperienced room, tiny bits of doorframe hide behind a few photographs of a few companions stuck with melody on the horizontal string. I am a hanging ballet shoe, too small for Monday evenings, only just fitted into by a memory recurring around the skull-area beneath the loving eyebrow

I am raised

Click back again, to the first track

This Slowly, Everything Washes Away motivates you to continue briefly away from the path through the fields and eventually beside the sea that you usually find yourself taking. Instead your arms and chest dilly and heave friendly, the maze of your mental health flattens a little and the curt things like a syntax, like those bubbly interrupted dreams, just breathe in and relax a little. you make good on a comfortable surface and you don’t think so much not but actually never contacting the outside enough it’s alright… It’s alright, it’s okay because the car’s still parked and the roof is still fitted well like the toast within the toast holder

oh, we must move on again,
To make a comment more generally about this selection of songs with the album art above called Even Deeper by Spicules 

so here’s a more generally comment just saying – hi, hey, you’re fine, you’ve done good, thank-you for my just-ending meditation, on behalf of all of use who are listening, keep playing the piano the way you do, and the recordings are beautiful: the way of the ambience, you found it and now I’m finding it too and maybe we all are actually



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