Ralph’s Balcony


It’s been a fantastic few days. People have been on top form, distant relatives have been chatty and James Vincent Mcmorrow played 2 days ago. As usual this blog tends to breathe more either when I’m riding a wave or when I’m at the bottom of the wave getting the shit kicked out of me, so expect a bit more to come out of APFOS HQ in the next week.

To Kill A King  have been put on a pedestal by this site many times before. It’s nice when you nail your musical colours to the mast to be rewarded so well and this new series of live video sessions, entitled Ralph’s Balcony, does exactly that. It ticks all the boxes of the classic live session vid: novel location, authentic background noise, earnest conversation either side etc. Lyrically Cannibal Cutlery (which I have never heard before and cant find very much info on) really comes to life with gorgeous turn of phrase, magnified by the glorious vocals of Ralph and Bastille.

Alcohol’s a lubricant surely you can use it to slowly fuck yourself

We should really run a lyric of the month feature. Or maybe we should just post this lyric every month, I dunno but somehow this should be celebrated.

Emily And The Woods  did a session with the bafflingly awesome Watch Listen Tell a couple of weeks back and it’s pure gold. So if you are in the mood for a live session or two you will have watched a few WLTs before but I cant let anyone miss this one.


p.s. Anyone in Exeter who fancies coming to our gig this Thursday, send an e-mail to seedpocket@gmail.com with the subject “Guest List” and I’ll get you in for half price, simples.

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