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Ben Howard – Three Tree Town [download]

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Ben Howard has been calling out to me over the last week. He played at our local Arts Centre (which has been booking some brilliant acts recently) 5 days ago and as well as standing out in a mixtape a friend sent me yesterday he has been sprinkled in and amongst press releases from Stay Loose for the last few months.


For shame then that it took an eager blogger such as myself so long to spread the word. But in some ways his timing couldn’t be better. Yesterday I wrote about pop delight Kyla La Grange who capped off a day of balmy haze. But tonight I’m sitting around a table with mum, dad and my sister. Today has been a great day of grandparents and Easter-y family tradition, and on days such as this the family has always sat round the table with food, drink and music. Always music. I dont want to dissect this track into minute and presumptuous detail like I always do because good music is always greater than the sum of its parts.

Not just a guitar, a voice, a bass and whatever playing at the same time; good music gets really good when it is an atmosphere, a memory and an emotion.



  1. lesley
    lesley April 25, 2011 at 12:55 am . Reply

    this is a very popular sound right now, i’m noticing. i think if he can move ahead in a very packed field, he really has something. i liked this. thanks for sharing. i like “familiar but new”.

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