I’m going to stop writing stuff and then deleting it; I’m just gonna post this and go and do stuff. Just going to do stuff under the influence of the energy that the combination of this song and image creates when combined like they are above.

But maybe I can write about the kind of stuff I could be doing under such an influence. I’d be with people, sharing something with people. We could be talking, doing same things, just looking at each other.  If we were talking, it would be about things intrinsically good; good memories already established several times, good things that we could do in the future, fantasised already several times. If we were doing things, those things would be inevitably good; looking at the sky, then closing our eyes, listening to air, listening to the nearby sea. If we were looking at each other, our eye-contact would be inescapably good. Security inescapable, eyes to hold each other with common grounds, meanings, all that stuff.

Then I’d have to stop doing these things, influence of song warn off. I’d return to this chair, the daylight would be receding, I’d be sitting in a chair again, and let’s say hypothetically that I continue to listen to Letherette, indeed, I listen to his self-titled album that he put out around April time.

Stream the album

This album is a lot more ‘dark’ than the above-posted remix. It’s like a nighttime. A nighttime spent somewhere restlessly addictive where your internal state is compromised to a few passions like love and fear. A night filled with friends being really drunk and ‘not-there’ and you  feel like you’ve got your own circle of emotion and feeling. Shit bouncing around together in your mind, smashing heads, people felt around you, people felt not around you, and yet you let no thoughts be formulated; no thoughts, just a sense of energy, excited energy. Momentary relief, excitement, freedom, epitomised yet ending with eye-contact, a confirmation of love, in itself the end of love; the eye-contact finishes, one of our many million mind-processed visual images replaced with another, and we’re back to circles. Looking like we’re dancing, moving around our limbs, sweating loads. Going outside to an area where everyone’s smoking and talking and enjoying the liberty of hearing each other speak, but the heart’s still beating hard and the things you talk about and do are all related to the experience you just had inside.

Letherette – After Dawn from Violent Success on Vimeo

The night as a whole might be regarded a failure, but there were at least a few moments inside that felt good, that make you want to do it again when you get over the hangover and you speak a bit more to those friends you shared it with.

This album is all of this; quick disorientating energetic housey cynical-moving chords of thoughtless dancing, some real sweet hip-hop happy moments of ecstasy, slow eye-contact, fast, averted to some surging guitar-sounding movements, working things up with drums, drums out, collect thoughts almost outside, then always with bass coming back in, coming back inside and driving the whole thing along, night progressing into state of flusteredness.

Stream the album

The above is a fantastic video for After Dawn, track 1 on the album.



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