Look Up


It seems that how ever many stems spiral out of my young roots, they always come back down to earth and combine to one wilting yet dilligent line of thought. I cut off all the premature and late opportunities with every decision I make. I don’t know loss, not real loss -only those who left and those who arrived, those who held and those who walked. I am but myself and my family. All doors remain open; I ache to feel that breath of wind at the back of my mind, that sense of potential and liberty. Although my footsteps are small, they are important. Although your footsteps are small, they are important. I need rain and sun to live. I need nurture. I need a clear view of the light. Darkness is nothing but sleep – it’s nothing but energy generation under calm circumstances.

This is realistic optimism; it’s always here, ready to wake up.

Helios – Emancipation

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Peter Doig paintings

, George

(next week will be a witty one-liner I swear)

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