Relaxing music that is unboring #1

Winter North Atlantic – Drifts and Panels (Fieldhead remix)

Every so often, there becomes a phase. This particular phase is one that aims to sooth you and yet also to draw from your deep sub-conscious a spark of interest.

And so today initiates a series of instalments of relaxing music that isn’t boring.

An added bonus is that these songs are fairly unheard of/out of sight from the beaten track. This for me adds to the soothingness, like being in a hut in a remote place… (Impatient? Head over to Free Cabin Porn and get fantasising). Moreover, the songs explored in this chill little relax-project are from over various time periods ago which might portray a certain disengagement with time on the blogger’s part; a must for really lowering nerves/brain activity.

It has appeared that, whilst listening to this remix of Winter North Atlantic Drift and Panels by Fieldhead, I have written fairly coherent prose; a good indicator and a suitable representation of how listening to variations of ambient music is aiding the current revision process in which I am currently engrossed.

Fieldhead is Paul Elam from Vancouver. You might have found that out if you followed the soundcloud link where there is more information waiting.

image from Free Cabin Porn


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