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Hi, I’m listening from here for artists only, -democracy, -respect, -love, -efficient:

what’s our philosophy?

I don’t want to intimidate, intimate, international I don’t want to intimidate

I’m just going to / click on this link, sorry, you, and hope that the world is getting worse before it’s getting better



Keep it Present Progressive

I am typing

I am not typing

I am thinking with my fingers

I am not thinking with my fingers

Where’s yours?

A music that has its tendons firmly then less firmly in tune with the difference between silence and loud, that much is clear in the drum percussion arrangements that have been presently emitting from the space bar I push when there’s just bare life bone-coloured thoughts and it’s evening but it doesn’t feel like the evening – this is a movement, this music, this is a movement, this isn’t organisation:

words are memes and beats are memories of the muscle of the mind but the, but the mind is just a metaphor, remember? the muscle conducts rhythm because rhythm is the word we keep on working up in spaces between dots, in files, rhythm, I say, Rhythm I say, the intellect is a device, the economy is a connectionevery-time you engage, you explore the terrain of the geography of isolated place called “Catatonia” Catatonic! Transactions are here without saying: Listened, loved, located, here, now, space bar.

Reposted, indeed.


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