Rock me Momma

The Jezabels – Endless Summer


Why have I not hear The Jezabels? This song is awesome. I do have a thing about rock music with female vocals. Especially when it’s really really good. Patti Smith, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Howling Bells, Sybris the list goes on (If you haven’t heard of Sybris then go check them out). When I first saw the press picture I thought this might be another folksy roots band who locked themselves away in a cottage to write a record. I was so incredibly wrong.

The Jezabels make a noise that blends the vocals of Kyla La Grange with a perfectly executed rock backing which is remeniscent of early Editors and Interpol. On first listen I genuinely smiled when the vocals came in. So often you hear a song shich is well written and bursts with promise throughout the intro until some appalling vocalist comes in and makes it incredible bad. Not so here. The Jezebels nail it.

Go buy a record of theirs, it’s a really good record and there’s a full length coming soon which you should be prepared for. But give it 5 minutes so I can get one of the 9 that Amazon have left




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