Rose, and who are you?

I’ve had this song in my pocket full of seeds for a few now, one of those songs that points out to me the fact that -here I am- and it’s great because it has this staccato poke going on as if the song is poking me (as opposed to prodding me): here. I. am. like a beak pecking at me underneath an adorable bird’s expression. eep! eep! And I’m a heron nodding to the song

Or alternatively like the photo sieves through a though^t, like two firm shoes-that-know-what-shoes-are shoes kicking (as opposed to touching) to the toes of each other, another staccato thought process assuring me here. I. am. like your friend’s children clapping in your ears beside the big roaring sea. And you’re the waving clapping before the feet get covered

Most likely sometimes like the space bar over and over hitting down (as opposed to pressed) every other second – the rhythm of an essay being written, of an assignment being gulped to be later -click!- here. I. am. And I’m still typing, each space is an assertion, dance to all the self-explanatory life, think later, reflect later, later later later later.

-Later- perpetually through the breath of how she sings the ending of “rose”, prolonged, more delay; the convention congruence confrontation between those staccato kids clips clops space bars heron beaks of imminent attention there (t)here t. t. t. turns to words like remembering -> remembring, who knew remembering could sound so short like a flicker, sing you’ll miss it &&&&& the delayed, sustained notes where her voice leaves a little longer over the others, every three units of time, a recollection, wow! Here I aaaam! I suppoose, yes I caan – > it’s all developing slowly from the immaterial indeterminate of a pronoun or a verb towards a little blue for a little bit before the rose vs. remembering, rose vs. remembering, rose vs. remembering.

Space bars of appreciation for this:

Music that is composed for a performance of The World is Round by Gertrude Stein, in Baltimore.

the artist behind it is Flock of Dimes (Jenn Wasner)

so check check check!

ty, george

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