Ross From Friends and Wehtam Yelthgiek

Days do boldly beat down. Steady quick disorientating beat, 127 BPM, where years in your memory last 2 minutes of pondering on a bus, on a bus taking you from town to the coast. Friends fall lively like flames. A lasting flame, like from a winter bonfire, a summer beach-fire, a flame at the end of season. Sitting there, giving smoke to each-other. It’s a lovely life in company. And those seasonal days of dazing, drunking with company, those days scattered with darting beating dilating eyes, those friends’ eyes you catch for a second before they slip through your damp drunk hands. Your own eyes beat on, the beat of days continuing the whirring in your head.

To then wake up alone, and to have your weary head awash with slightly contaminated water. In this water, although it’s mostly weary, is contained a littering of faded images, floating on the mind-surface like weird-shaped driftwood. Split-second memories. And each weariness-reflecting song you listen to shakes the water into a rhythm; the split-second-memory driftwood becomes embedded into each drop, beat, silence, beat, drop-drop that enters your ears. They excite you and your heart: distance becomes an empty word, everything’s good again; the tempo of time becomes nothing more than looping rhythm.

Two songs to my short memory have done all these vague things mentioned. Freely-downloadable songs written in September by Ross From Friends and Wehtam Yelthgiek.

Ross From Friends – Why Must We Wait?


Es Muss Sein – Sail (Wehtman Yelthgiek Remix)


Download both! Click the downward arrows on each SoundCloud above ^

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