Rugged Luv

Felix James – Umpire (demo)

I was at this party with my nondescript friends, there was a disco where the music was big cheap and really really loud, i had to leave, go outside, mull the silence, try and rid the ringing, taking over my head. I spun around to see boy things and girl things all horizontal on the patio floor outside the big house, covered in nothing, covered in nothing, eating themselves like there was no tomorrow, desire unravelled like clogged up seaweed, picked up by the curious yet wild-eyed child. And the people, so harmlessly relaxed in their primitive shells. Like pieces of flakey leaves of paint, these people peel off in circles, coiling in on their colour, I try to see them for what they are but I can’t. And there’s like loads of ppl doin hallucinogens like there’s no tomorrow. I try to tell them that there is a tomorrow but my words end up like whales behind my lips, I wish I could be dancing somewhere else where the music is exciting, not too loud and above all music that I can interact with. These high people in the loud noise studios aren’t good,

Consumptions with Umpire by  Felix James however, that would be really great, with friends, in somewhere cosy and civilised, it has to be civilised.


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