Running To Standstill

Scott returns

Nosaj Thing is very talented. He plays an MPC like he has been classically trained from a young age to do so. Attentive to the highest degree, his tweaks make the whole track, nay album, subtly unique throughout. Drift deserves to be praised.

Nosaj Thing – Fog

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It’s probably because this particular track is called Fog or the fact my battered imagination is getting pretty lazy in its old age, that it reminds me of weather.

Bad weather. Grotty damp weather.

The type of weather that those tyrannical PE teachers of yore seemed delighted to make me run cross-country amidst, circa 1998.

About half way through said cross-country struggles a melody would always sneak into my brain. Now I don’t know if other people do this, so if you don’t please allow me this oddity, but my breathing pattern would start to mimic the melody. Once it started I couldn’t stop it until I was safely back in the changing room surrounded by all the usual array of testosterone-induced distractions.
Mostly I didn’t mind but one time it was Hey Mickey, and not even the original. The god awful B*witched cover with all its bullshit Irish nuances made my life hell for a good half hour.

This song takes me back to those solitary hours spent alone pounding through the bracken and the mud but for some reason not in a bad way.

The heavily panned breaths, not skimping on the reverb, drive this track along at a chubby joggers pace, with the perfectly uncomplicated beat reminiscent of every pick up and footfall made. The inclusion of the airy pad synth adds to the
deeply ominous mood created. The fact that it briefly changes mid way through to something replicating a coming of age scene from an average John Hughes movie only adds to my bizarre emotional attachment.

I suppose I love this song because I know I don’t ever have to stand in the old sports hall waiting to jog ever again. That fact alone, even on a rainy day, is enough to make me smile.



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