Saint Motel

Well they say that you are more likely to go out of your way to find a track to listen to that has been suggested to you by a friend. This can also be said for a lot of things in life. This weekend I was chatting to a friend over Skype and he suggested I listened to a song called Puzzle Pieces by the band Saint Motel. Saint Motel are an Indie Pop/Indie Prog/Garage Glam(whatever that is) band from LA.

They also say that good things come to those who wait and with my terrible internet connection the time it took for the video of this song on YouTube to load was painfully slow but I am glad I waited. Before I listened to it properly my friend played it over Skype but because of a mixture of poor microphones/terrible internet all I could hear was the muffled sound of the happy go lucky piano riff. I know “happy” is such a weak word but this is what this song makes me feel, which is quite different to what reading the lyrics makes me feel.

The song is about the effect of plastic surgery from a bystanders point of view, which I find interesting. This is only made more intriguing by the metaphors that the band have used, which range from very subtle ones to those which are interwoven with more obvious and clear meanings. The piano riff, in itself, is addictive, which could itself be a metaphor for plastic surgery and the addictive nature of it.

Well that’s enough procrastination on my part for now. Better get on with some revision and find a new word to put in my vocabulary to replace “happy”.


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