Say It Ain’t Still Sunday


It’s still Friday. It’s still.

Mo Kolours is an artist my friend saw at Latitude Festival in the early hours of the morning this last Sunday and now I’m listening to this song Biddies, having not heard the artist or song before today, and it’s cool because this is the first thing he’s uploaded onto the Bandcamp (2011), and I can move forward through time over time, explore through the discog, get my daily movements of truth, make my acquaintance with innovation, assemble my endorphins, feel well exercised, well inspired. Alive there, all still there. All still.

But, basically, I am actually dancing. I’m dancing, dance routines, and the song’s the thing I dance to, it’s all filling the room foreign, the bedroom, the dancing’s startings today, today it’s daze, it’s long short daze, and dust, and gleaming, and diamond, and gushing. It’s let go, Its lets go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Shades on, lights off, arms up, makes criss cross, arms down, flex shoulder, twist and turn, makes figure eight, fingers clench straight, point twards heaven, knees bow, tied hips, eyes still, head stern, and sway, and swap sides, and now lets try symmetry, now disassemble, the fingers tingle, relax and catch, tense and drop, eyes still, mouth a purse, firm like leather, thighs manoeuvre, swerve twards chest, toes tip toe, kneecaps before, then back, then forward, now I’m loosening, now i’m tuning, i’m fuelling, the nylon’s damp, the dark hair mocks a rhythm, the shades fell off a few minutes ago, the lights have adjusted, i’m turning up, on time and twisting, never stop now.

Still, you can Like the facebook; it’s a good way to show appreciation and to keep up to date with this mesmerising moving organism, pure movements and limb cures, music for battlers, bouncers, for bolstering the maids and the driven, the present tense and the muscle pegs. I’m feeling fine; thank-you Mo Kolours, thank-you friend, thank-you internet and thank-you Latitude Festival. Thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you.


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