Second part to a 2013 interview with Hella Better Dancer

You’re getting close to something golden good that doesn’t diminish through time. The Bob Dylan the parents like, the vinyls etched in atemporal vibration, you need no fresh up-to-dateness when everything’s about the good rather than the new.

So here’s an interview I did 13 months ago with one of this blog’s favourite bands, and one of the few indie artists whom we’ve followed consistently with an insatiable interest, Hella Better Dancer (above).


This is part 2,
Click here for part 1.

We obviously weren’t as confident playing,
when we were younger

You obviously don’t want to play
when you’re not confident,
you end up playing it…

…kinda rubbishly

What else have we done this year?

We did our own sort of,
we released an EP, called Living Room,

We really liked having the control

Josh produced it all

We really liked it having much closer to us
So we thought why not do it,
but with actual drums and stuff,
so we did that;
that’s called Sleep

We really liked doing that

So we’ve decided to do that again,
we’re on a 2nd mix,
but it’s still got a while to go…

{a few months later; the video and release of ‘Sleeptalking’}

If you want a job done well, do it yourself,
well, with the resources we have

So, so when you go about making the video for instance…, we were talking about comfort zone when you perform, so where’s the innovation coming from? What’s the philosophy of HBD? What’s within your comfort zone, but also feeling true to yourselves as musicians?

This is going to sound ridiculous, but
feeling happy

saying ‘this is good’
the cycle of good and happy,
like personality,
is so interchangeable,
obviously on a loop

I think that’s our only ethos

Yeah… yeah.

With the originality part of that question,
all the original bit is kind of accidental
you listen to this band, and you think
‘oh I want to play a bass line like this’,
they listen to something else and it
obviously comes together in a different way

I don’t think we ever think
‘oh this needs to be really original’.
If you’re thinking that, you’ve
gone wrong somewhere.

It should be a by-product

I think, these days,
we’re trying to adequately express things

But in terms of like
/making a new sound/; it’s like ‘why’,
‘why do you want to make a new sound’

“Party all the time”, have fun
No, we like the DIY stuff, nice,
it’s friendly

We’re always trying to involve people who we know are good & credible 
Soph’s mum (‘that’s my mum, she’s an artist) – Living Room artwork –

Maureen Nathan

Girl from my school – Spring Demos artwork –

Cressida Djambov

The head boy of my school – Brother video

Jackson Caines –

Feeling good, involving nice people

Not quite a community, but a collection of-

People we know, like, and
respect their work

That’s one of the best things about doing this kind of thing
Connect with different people in a way you wouldn’t do otherwise
Not in a scary way, in a friendly way

It’s about having fun and meeting nice people,
playing with friends’ bands etc.
as much as it is about playing good shows.



have a nice day!

And our heads revolve around to the centre of the circle of sofas where we had just landed. The moment of intraspection, nerve-chewing, has passed away from a young band being asked, by young me, abstract and practically unnecessary-feeling questions about innovation into a fully functioning palm mould, 4 fingers prints attached, demonstrating muscle memory, reciting the /some people/ they’ve made contact over music, and how that’s fulfilled them as much as their own shows. There’s a charge of friendly and very real meaning surging beneath all the honest unpretentious agreement and yeahs and kindas and likes, and that’s the charge, some socially fulfilled instinct, that has me here, 13 months later, writing it all up. Please, enjoy the opportunity to observe an in-depth story unflowing above, and onwards, to the second half of the interview.

to be continued…



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