See Clear

I don’t want words to distract from the opening song.

So I guess we’re in a pickle, being a music blog and all.

I mean, I could do a wordplay sprouting from the phrase ‘pickle’… perhaps.

Compare components of the song to wholesome pickled eggs.

Sigh, if I describe the above song, if I introduce the above artist, if I stamp my own feet loud, I will detract from the song of it all.

Because all I want to ponder upon is the pure seconds of listening I had with the 1st song ‘Grace’ and its Girls Come First success. All I want to do is leave it at that.

The opening lines and my legs propped up on a bed… No, I must stop, stifle any hearty inclination to stamp.

If you haven’t heard of the human being that is Eef Baarzelay, well you have now, I’ve seen to it, cleared the way.

Press, press play above.

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