Sewing Up With Seams (interview!)

Seams – Carnival

 And so it is that each sunny moment stands high chance of bringing within me an appetite for being led outside and for being surrounded with hypnotic walking-pace rhythms, mixed with the ambient sounds of summer-like scufflings, circling round like flower shapes, each petal a piece of xylophone, melodic and sweet sounding yet solemn enough to incur the eery transformed cries of human excitement.

I’ve never been able to get enough of Seams‘ 2010-released EP, Tourist, never quite got the words. It’s just amazing, makes one feel really at one with urban-summer scenes and atmospheres. It’s an obscene feeling of escapism like no other that this EP gets in me. Beautiful. The above video features one of the four tracks on the EP.

Then there’s Focus Energy / Motive Order; a fine release that will stir your head around till it internally displays good-feeling correlations; that feeling that makes you want to move limbs around, dance. These are much more clean-cut mechanised tracks, they remind me of being alone in a big city for 3 days and turning up to “Im Rausch Mit Freunden Festival”, an event held in some fairly derelict and deserted cave in the forgotten-stretch of the city, and dancing for 3 hours straight  – I was utterly sober and very lonely  but somehow dancing seemed relieving. These tracks are somehow relieving.

Seams – Focus Energy 

That review is for you, if you haven’t ever got round to listening to Jami Welch (aka Seams). There are many individuals though who, having listened to his 8-month-ago release, Focus Energy, might be curious to touch base with the guy – to see what’s going on and things.

So we did! Here’s a little quiz we gave Seams;

What are you currently doing?

Seams: I’m back in the UK for my graduation. But most of the time these days I’m at work at SoundCloud in Berlin.

How do you feel about your music at the moment?

I flip flop between hating it, and being really excited. Which I guess is pretty standard for most people. I have a lot less time to make stuff these days, so am trying my best to let go of my hangups about mixing etc, and to just make stuff quick and roughly, it’s much more fun than tweaking mixes for weeks.

Your release 8 months ago, Focus Energy and Motive Order, had more, let’s say, mechanical tendencies (i.e. ‘Tourist’ had a more ambient-noise feel) – in hindsight, what do you feel inspired this development?

I think I wanted make music similar to the music I like, rather than the music that came naturally. I’ve been trying to years to make sonically impressive ‘beats and bass’ stuff, but it’s never really worked. These two tracks seemed to the be closest I got to realising that aim. They were mainly driven by doing a bunch of live shows and wanting something a bit heavier that might get people to dance. I really dig that single, but doubt I’ll make something like it again, I seem to be heading back to ambient stuff at the moment.

This good-looking Seams Tote Bag that you’re selling with mp3s has the Seam/Lidl design, why the german supermarket?

 It’s been a running joke for ages that I’m the ‘LIDL’s version of Four Tet‘, after I said it in one of my first interviews a few years ago. Also, now I’m based in Germany, there’s a lot more LIDLs. A friend did the design as a joke, but I quite like how they look!

It’s true, for 5$ you can get this bag + immediate music downloads of some of the songs we’re talking about above. Do it!


Seams’ links:

Facebook / Bandcamp /  SoundCloud / iTunes


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